KDiesel Nederland BV is specialized in test equipment for the modern diesel technology.

As a distributor for the Italian brand KDiesel we are able to provide tools, knowledge and spare parts for almost all applications encountered in the diesel workshops for today.

With a modern line of test benches, there is a solution for every application.

Customized testequipment


Together with KDiesel we provide customized training for the needs of your workshop.

The current complex matter of course also requires the right knowledge. You have actually not a complete diesel workshop if you do not have the required knowledge. Here we can support opdiverse ways. Possibility of training in Italy, the Netherlands and optionally in your own company.

Training can be given entirely to your needs, because they are made for you.

You know already everything from Bosch injectors? Then you'll learn just what you want to learn. As simple as that ...



You can also use the opportunity to furnish your complete workshop to the standards that the technique requires.

Are you as a business owner been interested in diesel technology? Now perhaps the time has come to get serious about it. Or If you do not know where to start, we can help you further. Depending on your specific market and budget, we can advise you how to start. An injector tester would be a start, but who knows, you put the sentences in a fully equipped workshop with stainless steel workbenches and cabinets? It's all possible.

If you already own a test bench nozzle tester, we can advise you about the possibilities and the needs of today without obligations.


Test benches

Conventional test benches in any desired power for testing line pumps, Common Rail pumps, drive for pump units (cambox) etc.

KDiesel offers a complete line of test benches for almost all applications;

The possibilities are endless, for example, an “entry level” with electronic speed control and measuring glasses for old types of line pumps, or possibilities for cambox, CAT injectors, electronic control and measuring system etc.

For each test, as there is a possible solution to be found.

Recently there is a test bench available for only common rail pumps. Do you already have a pump test bench, there is good news; practically everything fits or is just to make for your specific requirements.


Injector testers

For every budget a quality solution; a “one liner” with glasses, fully electronic, or a fully automated “four liner”

The Cube is the entry level for testing injectors. This very easy to handle machine is perfect for the workshop which starts with testing common rail injectors. It’s based on reading values on the measuring glasses, working on the same software as the Master 100 and the CRITS. By putting the numbers into a separate computer or laptop, you will get a full test report for 4 injectors. The biggest advantage from this machine is “what you see is what you get”

The Master 100 is a fully automatic tester for testing one injector at the time. Driven by a Bosch CP3 pump 1800 bars is reached in a few seconds. Coding Delphi and Bosch is an option for this machine.

The biggest of all testers is the CRITS. (Common Rail Injector Tester System) This is the most complete tester in the range of KDiesel. You can easily test four injectors at the time in less than 45 minutes. Just put them in, the machine does the rest. With printer included this machine is ready for the future. This one has also the option for coding Bosch and Delphi.



All conceivable special tools for disassembling and assembling of injectors, fuel pumps, pump injectors etc are available.



For virtually all applications are spare parts available. Ask us about the possibilities.

There are spare parts available for every imaginable application in diesel technology.

Specifically for common rail injectors and pumps, this goes from lock nuts,'s nozzle’s, adjustment shims and more parts for of course Delphi, Siemens, Denso and Bosch.

For conventional pumps are seal kits, elements, delivery valves, camshafts, governor weights in many cases available, and also for the older types of injectors is almost everything on hand.

Outside the injectors and pumps, there is plenty for sale in this area; thinking in particular of filter housings, membranes Pumps etc.

Too many to mention, so please ask us for it!


Latest news

11 & 12 October
Trainees from Israel

We are delighted to receive two trainees from Israel in the Netherlands. In 2 days, we will give workshops for different injection systems, discuss test results and evaluate them, so that it can be applied in practice.

13 till 17 September 2016
Automechanica Frankfurt

KDiesel Netherlands will be present on this years edition of Automechanika in Frankfurt. This time we share our stand together with KDiesel Italy. This way we can help more customers and show more equipment. You can see almost our entire product range.

June 2016

Given the pleasant cooperation in the former Soviet countries, KDiesel Netherlands BV and DHA GmbH have expanded to Germany. This way we can answer our German customers better, faster and more effective, making sure they enjoy the appropriate service that characterizes us.

January 2016
Autoprofessioneel & schadeherstel vakbeurs

We are pleased to report that the first master 100 automatic injector tester is installed at EDS in Beilen. In addition to a parts wholesaler with an impressive warehouse, this company has specialized itself in diesel technology for more than 10 years. With the arrival of the Master, EDS can easily continue this specialization in the future. Owner Rinus Peeks is also prepared to demonstrate the first Master in the Netherlands in cooperation with KDiesel Nederland.

13 till 15 October 2015
Autoprofessioneel & schadeherstel vakbeurs

We would like to invite you to the autoprofessioneel & schadeherstel vakbeurs in Hardenberg. KDiesel will be present for the first time. From the large range of diesel test equipment we have chosen the Cube, the entry level for the car company to test common rail diesel injectors yourself. The EMS1 is the latest gadget to measure injectors from the base, and the PWM generator will also be present. This is an ideal diagnostic tool which generates a block tensions through two independent channels. Moreover, while the rail pressure can be visualized at the same time.

September 2015
Sint Petersburg

We are proud to have installed a master 100 for "OOO Starter" in St Petersburg. This company has big plans for the repair of injectors and therefore are the "KDiesel" appearance fitted.

April 2015
Piezo reloader

The "Piezo reloader" made its appearance. With this device it is possible to revise the latest piezo injectors from Bosch. Nozzle's come in dribs and drabs, but with this reloader it is already possible to resurrect the piezo element of the injectors.

March 2015
KDiesel Netherlands BV

Dieseltest BV changed its name to KDiesel Netherlands BV. With the many activities that we perform with KDiesel Italy this is a logical step in our growing company.

January 2015
Carrec Techno Center

Delivery of the first "Cube" in the Netherlands is a fact. Carrec Techno Center Soesterberg installed the compact but rugged tester and can now measure the current standard requires in diesel technology.

11 December 2014

Carrec Technocenter Soesterberg decided to extend the impressive workshop with a “Cube”. This semi automatic injector tester will take office in mid-January as a diagnostic tool for the modern diesel workshop.

3 December 2014

KDiesel Nederland BV travels to Milan to get together with Michael Rommel and Alex Wagner Georgy Iukkanen. This specialist with as many as four companies in St. Petersburg is interested in a variety of test benches and the required tools. Also during this trip arrangements on the official importer shelf for the former USSR countries.

7 November 2014

KDiesel Nederland BV is now not only importer of the Benelux, but also importer for Germany. As a company based in Holland, we have a good view of the developments in the market, and because of our multilingualism, are an excellent extension for KDiesel in this growing market.

21 October 2014

21 October 2014 at the request of KDiesel we give a two-day on-site training in Gries, France. This training is for “Atellier Mechling” custom made and will primarily focus on overhauling Bosch injectors. Jean-Marc Mechling was originally turbo specialist and has expanded its activities to diesel technology.

30 September 2014

KDiesel Nederland BV is partnering with DEUHA (Deutsche Handelsallianz). For several years this company has been the link between Europe and the former USSR countries, namely Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Belarus.

16 till 21 September 2014
Frankfurt - Master 100

16 till 21 September 2014 KDiesel Nederland BV stands on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with the “Master 100”. Automechanika is the leading trade fair for everything automotive related. The fair is held once every two years, and this year we have been invited on the stand of Pos Service Holland.

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